Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Other Life Goals

Achieving Weight Loss and Other Life Goals with Hypnosis

Do you want to lose weight, change career, or reach a goal? What have you tried so far? Have you been trying to stick to a new health regime by willpower alone but found yourself eating more chocolate than ever? Maybe you’ve promised yourself by this time next year you’ll have a new career but you haven’t found the energy to even think about looking for a new job. Perhaps you’ve carved out time in your day to write that novel but end up using it to do housework or something else equally unappealing. Do you have a goal that’s really important to you and you’re confused as to why you just can’t get on and do it? Then hypnosis could help you move towards your goal.


Us humans are strange creatures. We have long term goals but we’re motivated by short term gains. If I don’t eat that chocolate bar right now will I drop ten pounds? No. So why wouldn’t I eat it and enjoy the pleasure now? Because if I do eat it today and everyday I will pile even more pounds on. That seems sensible right? However our brains are more interested in the short term gain, the pleasure of eating the chocolate now versus not eating it and having no pleasure. The same goes for working out your business plan or searching for a new job. The gains aren’t immediate and our brains would rather we did something else that does give us an immediate gain or pleasure. Hypnosis can make far off goals feel more reachable and tangible, making it feel like you are progressing towards them and you are gaining pleasure now, every time you take a step towards your goal.


So why do I end up doing housework instead of working on my goal? Sometimes we’re afraid of taking steps towards what we want. Anxious that if we put pen to paper we might find out our novel is actually terrible. Fearful of losing weight or gaining promotion at work because of other changes that might bring into our lives. Hypnosis can help to give you the confidence to move forward.


Perhaps you mean to make progress but some how the day slips away from you. You’re determined to eat healthily but by the day’s end you realise you’ve slipped up and eaten several biscuits with your cup of tea without having really noticed. Maybe you were going to go home and surf job sites but without thinking you agreed to go for drinks after work like you always do. Habits can be powerful to break. They’re important to have because we don’t have the brain capacity to think about everything in detail everyday; brushing your teeth, tying your shoes laces, washing your hands, walking… When it’s an unhelpful habit that means it’s difficult to change it through willpower alone as we often do it automatically. Through hypnosis we can begin to change those patterns of behaviour and make them conscious so you can choose what you want to do.


For help with weight loss and other life goals please contact me. I have rooms in both central London and Crystal Palace. I can also arrange appointments in the comfort of your own home via Skype/similar. If you have any questions or would like to find out more you can contact me for a free, no obligation, chat.


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