Hypnosis for Creativity

Are you in a creative rut? Does you job require you to come up with ideas at the drop of a hat? Are you putting a spin on the same old stuff, churning it out hoping no one will notice? Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as a creative person but you’d like to be or your new job demands it. You could even be a writer stuck on your next chapter or story idea. From writers and designers to computer programmers and solicitors most occupations require some kind of creativity and problem solving skills. Exploring your inner world using hypnosis can lead to new ideas and possibilities, flexing your creative muscle and making it stronger.


It’s difficult to be fresh and original when you’re sitting in the same office everyday looking at the same square computer. Some lucky people get to work where they like and take field trips but if you’re not that lucky there are alternatives. With hypnosis sessions you can take a tour of your inner world and explore the possibilities. Whether you’re after the solution to a specific problem or would just like to be more spontaneous and generate ideas more quickly your mind is the tool that can get you there.


When you’re stressed, anxious or under time pressure being creative can be like climbing Mount Everest. Maybe you’d love to be more involved in brainstorming with colleagues but you’re worried what they might think of your ideas. Perhaps you’re looking at a blank screen devoid of ideas as all you can think of is the clock ticking down. Hypnosis can help to clear these obstacles out of the way and free your mind to operate more efficiently and more creatively.


When you’re relaxed, focussed and happy you can be more creative. Hypnosis can make an excellent detox from modern day stresses so you can function more efficiently and enjoy being creative.


Interested to know what happens in a hypnotherapy session? You can find out here.


For help with your creative mindset please contact me. I have rooms in both central London near Shoreditch and in Crystal Palace convenient for Norwood and Beckenham. I can also arrange appointments in the comfort of your own home via Skype or similar. If you have any questions or would like to find out more you can contact me for a free, no obligation, chat.