Hypnosis for Anxiety

Do you ruminate on the past and fear the future? Are there memories and experiences stopping you from moving forward in the way you’d like? Is the future something you fear? Are there particular situations that trigger feelings of dread? Do you ever actually live in the moment? Excessive anxiety can be paralysing and keep you living in a state of fear. Hypnosis can help you to process unhelpful memories, feelings and habits so they don’t hold you back.


Always looking out for danger and second guessing what may happen in the future can be exhausting. A little bit of fore thought can save you a lot of trouble but a lot can cause you enormous grief. It’s not that you shouldn’t ever be anxious. It’s a natural feeling. Our bodies and minds are designed to have us shy away from harm, to make our spidey senses tingle when approaching possible danger. The problem comes when alarm bells are set off by situations that really aren’t harmful. Hypnosis can help to retune your spidey sense so you can cope better with uncertainty and actually look forward to future events.


Maybe an old unpleasant memory is still dominating your thoughts and you live in fear of making that mistake again or maybe your mind has taken on a pattern of behaviour for some reason which it thinks is helping you but it’s making things worse. Much like computers our minds and bodies are systems and imperfect ones at that. They do things for us automatically because we don’t have the capacity to deal with everything consciously. Imagine having to think about how to get washed, brush your hair, clean your teeth, wipe your bum, get dressed. You’d be exhausted before you left the house. So sometimes when there’s a glitch in the system it’s not something that can consciously be changed easily. With hypnosis you can work with all the parts of your mind to make changes more easily.


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